We Save TeBe

Charles Takyi

plays for F.C. St. Pauli, he grew up with TeBe's youth.

Benny Wendt

TeBe's Goal-shooter in the Bundesliga season 1976/77 now lives in his native country Sweden.

I support this initiative, because my heart is still beating for Tennis Borussia. I do hope and I really wish with all my heart, that saving TeBe will succeed. For me Berlin is a nothing without Tennis Borussia. I will be there immediately, if my help is needed!

Ansgar Brinkmann

Former Bundesliga-Professional (known as "the white Brazilian") and player for TeBe in the second Bundesliga from 1998 to 2000. Fans rendered homage to Ansgar with the phrase "Ansgar is free"!

Rudi Gutendorf

Legendary team-manager has been in more than 40 countries of the world. He was the manager of TeBe in the season 1976-1977. He even sold his Mercedes Benz (Big Merc) at an auction in order to engage new players for TeBe.

Although my work as a trainer with TeBe was a long time ago, this club has still a place in my heart. Back in those days we made the best from our limited possibilities and received a tremendous amount of sympathy - our greatest victories were the brilliant successes against Bayern Munich, FC Cologne and Hertha Berlin. We were a team, working together, and we enjoyed every minute.  Being someone who has been active in all corners of the world, I have to say that the cosmopolitan approach of the club appeals very much to me. A football club with a very successful and exciting history over many decades surely must have a future! Therefore please help to save TeBe.

Halil Savran

TeBe's Goal-shooter 2006 - 2008.

Jörg Steinert

Managing director of the "Lesben- und Schwulenverbandes Berlin-Brandenburg (LSVD) e.V." (lesbian-and gay federation Berlin-Brandenburg)

TeBe is engaged since many years against anti-Semitism, homophobia and hostility to foreigners in football. As a civil rights organisation we hope that many football clubs will follow this ideal example. We also hope that our traditional Berliner club TeBe will exist for a long, long time. We save TeBe!